Born on the West Coast, Ly was raised along the shining coastline of Southern California to the lush dark greenland of Northern Oregon.

Bringing to her work both aspects of her upbringing with the bright vivid sunshine to the dark quiet grayness, she inspiresto create with soft sensitivity and emotive sincerity.

By nature gravitating towards the monochromatic undertones the dichotomy of her personality cuts through with colorful brilliant lightness. 

Influenced by the works of Bruno Munari, Hans Bellmer, Max Ernst, and Morrissey of the Smiths, her interest lies in creating her own visual and perceptual language.

Enjoying the tactility of things done by hand, she likes bookmaking, printmaking/collaging, sewing, drawing, reading, and the modern arts.

Currently working at Refinery29 as Design Director, but still Available for Nights & Weekends as Freelance Art Direction/Design!

Feel free to contact using the form 

or via email at helloly@pleasekeepmeinmind.com


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